‘I close my eyes. Divine: a thousand shapes, charming in their grace, emerge from my eyes, mouth, elbows, knees, from all parts of me…’

A trans exploration of Jean Genet’s first novel, Our Lady of the Flowers is a divine murder mystery of quivering proportions.


Directed by Mick Klepner Roe

Written by Cinnamon Templeton

Devised and performed by Krishna Istha, Bobuq Sayed, Mossy Pebbles,

Cinnamon Templeton and Mick Klepner Roe

Sound design by Romy Seven (aka Scum Witch)

Design by M’ck McKeague

Costume design by Rare Candy

An Embittered Swish production at the La Mama Courthouse in Melbourne, Australia in 2016.

Images by Lachlan Woods.