Beast (2019)

Beast is a comedic exploration into the life of a trans person in 2019, what it means to be trans ‘masculine’ in this world without becoming the men we hate, and how taking testosterone can transform you into a social renegade; a beast. It tackles issues of stereotypes, race, hormone replacement therapy, sexual fluidity and the reality of living while trans using avant-garde comedy and experimental theatre.

This part stand up comedy, part performance art piece is a self-help comedy for the oppressed.

Directed by Zoe Coombs Marr.
Commissioned by Arts House Melbourne.
Research and development was supported by the City of Melbourne through ArtsHouse and Culture LAB.
World premiere Jan 31- Feb 2  Tickets here –

Wild Bore  (2017- current)

The first rule of making art is: don’t respond to your critics.

Soho Theatre, London and Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne bring together three masters of smart, spiky, political performance in an international supergroup of Zoe Coombs Marr, Ursula Martinez and Adrienne Truscott, to prove they are not too afraid to talk out of their arses.

Additional text and performance by Krishna Istha.

2017 tour: Malthouse Theatre (Melbourne), Edinburgh Fringe, Soho Theatre (London), Sydney Festival.

Further touring in 2019.

Bullish (2018)

“I am a bull. I am a bull…ish. I live between worlds. Slip between myths with dexterous leaps. Do I scare you? How about now?”

Meet Asterion, better known as the terrifying, blood thirsty Minotaur of Ancient Crete. Follow them through one stark night, one cabaret odyssey, and one strapping search for the man they might want to be.

BULLISH pits ancient mythology against modern gender navigation to furiously disrupt, traverse and rewrite the rule book. Stepping into the ring with a gender fierce ensemble of hopers and renegades, BULLISH is a story about packing, passing, and gambling your way out of the labyrinth.

A new mythical play with songs, negotiating ancient and new territories in trans-masculine gender and identity. This show drops a proverbial bull into a china shop and hopes it breaks everything.

BULLISH is Milk Present’s latest show starring Krishna Istha, Amelia Stubberfield, Cairo Nevitt, Adam Robertson and Lucy J Parkinson and directed and written by L J Skillbeck. BULLISH headlined the ‘Come As You Are’ festival, celebrating trans, non-binary and gender-queer theatre. The show inspired the festival to be curated and runs from 12 – 30 Sep 2017 at Camden People’s Theatre. Book your tickets here.

The show was commissioned by the Camden People’s Theatre Home Run Commission, through the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, and has also received support from the Arts Council England, Derby Theatre and The Bush Theatre.