Have you ever wondering what it’s like to not be straight and boring? Bambi Sexsmith can help you out with that! She is a kinky queer conversion therapist often found in queer clubs making a convincing case of converting the (few) straight people in there. Queer revolution will lead us to liberation. Fuck assimilation!

Bambi Sexsmith was conceived during Duckie Summer School 2015, under the direction of mark Whitelaw (UK). It has since been performed at Latitude festival (UK), as part of ‘Just Like A Woman’ festival by Live Art Development Agency at Chelsea Theatre (UK) and Abron Arts Centre (New York), Prime of Ms David Hoyle at Chelsea Theatre (UK), Royal Vauxhall Tavern (UK) & Trans Pride Brighton 2016.


“self-styled, queer conversion therapist, with her projectile-diction sermon on avoiding ‘Straight Complex’. In an assured blizzard of quips, she diagnoses, treats and cures any obstacles to thoroughly liberated, thoroughly queer existence. And, remarkably, that’s just for starters; each fabulously unpredictable prodigy from the Hoyle class of honour ramps the anti-hetero stakes stunningly higher.”

Gay Times UK