Duckie is an arts charity, homo-social honky-tonk and performance clubs for extraordinary populations based in the UK. Duckie create good nights out and culture clubs that bring communities together. From Duckie’s legendary 21-year weekly residency at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern to winning Olivier awards at the Barbican, Duckie is a purveyor of progressive working class entertainment who mix live art and light entertainment. Duckie combine vintage queer clubbing & quirky performance art shows with a quartet of socially engaged culture clubs.

Gay Shame and Lesbian Weakness with Ann Liv Young (2014)

Gay Shame is the Annual Festival of Homosexual Misery makes its grand return on Gay Pride night. Welcome to the Pleasuredome; a compulsory celebration for the post-queer precariat. There is No Alternative.

Bambi Sexsmith

The Posh Club (2015 & 2016)

The Posh Club is an elegent event for older folks in their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s – aka – swanky senior citizens, elegant elders & glamorous golden girls. It features classic high tea and fabulous entertainment and the strict dress code is very posh.


Border Force (2015)

Summer 2015 at Camden Centre London and Brighton Dome in Brighton, Krishna collaborated with artist Vijay Patel to deliver a part of ‘India’ at Border Force.  Border Force was a geo-political-immersive-disko.A globalised clubland where we confronted xenophobia, challenged the drag of national identity and promoted freedom of movement. Border Force was directed by Joshua Sofaer.

It starred Fenfen Huang, Susie Lu, Kali Chandrasegaram, Douglas Gomes, George Chakravarthi, Joseph Mercier, Jordan Lennie, Lucille Power, Nando Messias, Krishna Istha, Vijay Patel, Sooze Frumin, David Tse, Priya Mistry, Sue Hewlett, Adrian Dalton, Rafeal Pereira do Rego, Sabah Choudrey, Olga Maksimovica, Ling Whye Hang, Yuyu Rau, Sam Reynolds, H Plewis, Cesar Barros, Ajeeth Kumar, Tsai-Chun Huang, Azara Meghie, Eli Harris, Almiro Andrade, Danny Ash, Vera Boitcova, Jackson Wu, Winson Ting, Zachariah Fletcher, Julian McKee, Finn Love, Andy Bridge, Arturus Ustinovas, Karl Jones, Karl Taylor, Laurie Kynaston, Finn Love, Richard DeDomenici, Fernanda Mandagarå, Wei-Juin Chen, Tommy Ting and Kai Brandon Ly

With Amy Lamé as the Prime Minister & DJ & Dickie Beau as the Queen.

Designs by Simon Kenny

Lights by Marty Langthorne

Duckie: drinking, dancing, politics + performance